About the service

If you live in the area you can use our maps to:

  • You can Find your house, or, by entering an address in the Local Search Facility you can find any number of amenities nearby.
  • Search for Planning Information, such as Planning Applications, Listed Buildings, Tree Preservations Orders, Wild Life Sites and many more planning related items.
  • Find which Councillors represent each of the Wards
  • Find your nearest Amenities, from recycling centres and schools to golf courses and pubs

And it has lots of other features too:

  • You can find any number of local facilities, such as your nearest Play Area and Recycling Facility or the most convenient Car Park and its charges.
  • You can see map information layered over aerial photographs or Ordnance Survey (OS) maps.
  • Once you have found the information you want, you can then print it, and even email a link to the map to a friend.
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