Technical Requirements

Do you need a high-speed internet connection?

No, but the GIS delivers a lot of information to your computer. If you are not using a high-speed (broadband) connection, you may find the map and your requested information takes a few minutes to appear.

Please be patient and remember that each time you click on a search the system restarts the search. Clicking on the same search request more than once will not speed up the results. A symbol will appear on the screen while the database is retrieving results, so you will know that your search is in progress.

Adobe Reader

To maximise the use of the Web Mapping System you will need to have Adobe Reader version 8 or above installed. It is not essential to have this, but features like printing and the demonstration video will not work without it. 

Adobe reader is free and can be downloaded from the Adobe Reader website.

Firewalls and pop-up blocking

You will need to configure your system to allow pop-up windows from this site.


Depending on the specification and age of your computer, you may need to load a more recent version of Java - available to download from the Java website.

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