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Home improvements grants and loans

Financial help is available to assist with repairs, renovations or adaptations.

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Adapting a home for someone who is elderly, disabled or ill

A Disabled Facility Grant is available to aid essential adaptation work to make a home accessible for a child or adult. Typically it pays for wheelchair access to your home, stair lift installation and accessible showers. However, we will consider any adaptations that are necessary and appropriate, and will consider the age and condition of the property as part of the process.

Grants range from £1,000 to £30,000, however funds are limited. It is our aim that any work funded by the grant also improves the energy efficiency of the home wherever possible.

Who can apply and what are the criteria?

  • An owner occupier, tenant or landlord can apply.
  • Applications for adults are subject to a financial assessment (means test).
  • Applications for children are not means tested.

Large scale repairs to make a property safe and a healthy environment to live in

A Discretionary Renovation Assistance loan or grant is available to rectify serious disrepair, dampness or to improve electrical and fire standards, provide adequate heating, lighting, ventilation or drainage  so that the property can meet the Decent Home Standard.

We can provide up to £25,000, which would most likely be in the form of an interest-free loan, repayable only when the property is sold or transferred. Occasionally, when the applicant's equity in the property is limited or the works required cost less than £1,000, the assistance will be in the form of a grant. Any loan would be subject to a one off administrative fee, currently £230.  If the work exceeds the maximum grant or loan payable, the applicant must pay the balance.

Who can apply and what are the criteria?

  • You (or the applicant) must be over 18 and have been an owner occupier for three years or more at the date of application.
  • The property must have been built before 1960.

You should not assume that you will automatically qualify for assistance, as all applicants including joint property owners will be subject to a financial assessment. This calculates the financial contribution you will be required to make towards the eligible cost of the works required. If the cost of the eligible works is less than your calculated contribution, no assistance will be provided.

Small scale repairs or adaptations

Home Repair Assistance provides discretionary grants up to £1,000 and loans up to £5,000. Typically this assistance pays for electrical rewiring, repairs to roof, windows or doors, or work to remedy substantial plumbing or drainage problems or small scale adaptation works to enable elderly or disabled persons to stay living at home.

Who can apply and what are the criteria?

Applicants must be home owners, over 18 and be in receipt of an income related benefit or tax credit to be eligible to apply. However, if you are over state retirement age and are disabled or infirm, you may not need to be in receipt of any benefits to qualify for this assistance. Applicants must also have lived in the property for at least three years.

Apply for a home improvement grant or loan

For further information please contact Gracelands Complete Maintenance Services Ltd on 020 8502 2250 or visit www.gracelandscms.com.


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