Task and Finish Groups

The Alliance's Task and Finish Groups are the groups that will be responsible for undertaking the detailed partnership work needed to implement the objectives and targets set out in the Sustainable Community Strategy, as prioritised by the Executive Group. Find out more about each Task and Finish Group in this section.

  • Me, My School, My PlanetClimate Change Task and Finish Group

    Climate Change Task and Finish Group

    Climate change affects everyone. The climate refers to weather patterns experienced over a long period of time and the Meteorological Office states 'climate change is the long term change in weather and is usually used in the context of man-made climate change'.

  • Piggy Banks stacked upCommunity Inclusion Partnership Group

    Community Inclusion Partnership Group

    At the present time, indicators of significant deprivation and exclusion are limited to small pockets in the borough. Typically the wards of Peartree in Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield Central have ranked relatively high in recent Hertfordshire tables of the most deprived areas.

  • imageHealth Task and Finish Group

    Health Task and Finish Group

    The Health Task and Finish Group works to enhance healthy living in the borough. There are two key contributors to a better quality of life: one is to improve the physical and mental health, as well as the whole person wellbeing of local people; the other is reducing health inequality in the borough.

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