Brown bins in cold weather

In very cold weather it is possible that the contents of your brown bin may become frozen solid.

This means that when we attempt to empty your bin, some or all of the contents won't come out.

While our collectors have time to attempt to empty every bin, it is not possible for them to spend time loosening the contents of frozen bins, or to return another time. Therefore, if you experience this you will need to present your bin for collection on the next scheduled collection date.

During cold weather, you can take a few simple measures to reduce the risk of your bin becoming frozen:

  • If you have a lot of garden waste, do not compress it into your bin.
  • Fill your bin on the day of collection if possible.
  • Loosen the contents by sliding a spade or similar between the contents and the inside of the bin.
  • Store your bin in a warmer spot, for example, in a shed or garage, or beside your house.
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