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Burial registration and Funerals

It can be a difficult time when a death occurs, and those who are left behind have to decide, amongst other things, what the final arrangements will be for their loved ones.  It can be a daunting experience deciding where the final resting place should be, and how best to commemorate their life through a memorial or tribute of some kind.

When arranging a funeral, it is important to remember to:

  • take your time and don't make a hasty decision;
  • take advice; and
  • discuss the options with family and friends.  It may be that the deceased left instructions regarding the funeral or had previously expressed their wishes.

The National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) is an independent Trade Association.  For a full list of approved NAFD members, please visit their Website


Responsibility of Funeral Director or Individual Arranging Funeral

The council is not responsible for any failure in arrangements due to circumstances beyond its control.  No work will be carried out in the cemetery while a funeral is taking place. 

All information must be provided correctly and openly when organising a burial to ensure that the Council can maintain the funeral regulations to a high standard without disruption.  It is required that, if a funeral party shall be arriving 15 minutes earlier or later to the cemetery, the Cemetery Department must be notified as soon as reasonably possible.

Any last minute alterations to the funeral procedure may result in extra fees payable to the Council.

It is advised that all Funeral Arrangers visit the relevant cemetery prior to a funeral to ensure all information provided is accurate.


Allocation of Grave Spaces

All grave spaces will be allocated in sequence. All requests for pre-selection are at the discretion of the officer and will be subject to a Premium Fee.

Graves or Plots cannot be pre-purchased in advance, however a specific grave may be reserved for a period of time and subject to the appropriate fee.


Coffins, Caskets and Containers

The name of the deceased as written on the death certificate is to be inscribed on the top of the container. The Cemetery Supervisor shall be allowed free access prior to interment to inspect the inscription so they are certain of the individual to be interred. If any uncertainties are found, this may result in a delay or cancellation of the funeral until the officer is satisfied of the identification of the container.

Non-wooden containers will only be permitted by agreement of the officer.


Open Casket/Exposure of Human Bodies

The council will assist to meet the needs of the bereaved and most requests to open the container during a service will be granted.

Any request for an open coffin should be requested on the pdf icon Notice of Burial Form [110KB].

Where the deceased died of a notifiable infectious disease, the body will not be permitted to be exposed.


Excavation and Backfilling of Graves

All graves will be excavated by grounds staff appointed by the council and superfluous soil will be placed at the side of the excavated grave.

Prior to arrival of the funeral cortege, the cemetery staff will ensure that the grave is correctly dug to the depth and size specified by the Notice of Interment and, if required, the grave is supported by shoring and the grave surrounded by timber. Grass matting will be laid to the grave surround.

Putlogs will be placed over and adjacent to the grave to support the coffin and clean webbing laid out for lowering the coffin; the approach to and the surround of the grave will be left clean and tidy.

All cemetery machinery will be stored in the yard out of sight.

Should a lowering device be requested to be used, then the council must be informed through notification on the Notice of Interment Form.

The backfilling of the grave will commence when all mourners have left the site, unless otherwise specified in advance by the person arranging the funeral. The site will be left neat and tidy with the wreaths and flowers carefully placed.

The grave space will sink as compaction occurs, particularly after heavy rainfall. This will be made good by the cemetery staff as soon as ground conditions are suitable.

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