Please note that duty officer advice is only provided between 9am and 1pm Monday to Friday.


Planning Department Contacts

You can call us on 01707 357000 or visit us at the council offices in Welwyn Garden City.

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Council Offices
The Campus
Welwyn Garden City

Opening hours: 9am - 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am - 4.30pm on Friday.

Fax: 01707 357255

Main contacts

ServiceTelephone and email address
Planning Applications

Tel: 01707 357573


General Planning Queries

Tel: 01707 357000


Planning Enforcement

Tel: 01707 357000


Planning Policy

Tel: 01707 357000


Building Control

Tel: 01707 357391


Landscape and Ecology (Trees)

Tel: 01707 357000

Head of Planning (Colin Haigh)

Tel: 01707 357239

Email: c.haigh@welhat.gov.uk

Detailed contact list by section area

The department is made up of four sections:

Development Management and Planning Enforcement

Team or managerContact details

Planning Support

For advice on what information is needed to make an application, fees, whether properties are covered by conservation areas, tree preservation orders etc, to get forms and documentation

Tel: 01707 357000


Planning Applications

If you have a question about an individual application, please contact the planning officer dealing with the case in the first instance. Details of the planning officer for each application are shown on the applications database along with their direct dial phone number. For other questions phone the Duty Planning Officer between 9am and 1pm daily.

Duty Planning Officer

Tel: 01707 357573


Planning Policy

Team or managerContact details
Planning Policy and Implementation Manager- Sue Tiley

Tel: 01707 357268
Email: s.tiley@welhat.gov.uk

Local Plan

Principal Policy Officer - Carol Hyland
Principal Policy Officer - Vacant

Tel: 01707 357548 Email: c.hyland@welhat.gov.uk

Annual Monitoring Report
Senior Planning and Monitoring Officer - Rob Webster

Tel: 01707 357511
Email: r.webster@welhat.gov.uk

Implementation Team
Team Leader - Simon Chivers

Tel: 01707 357347
Email: s.chivers@welhat.gov.uk

Building Control

Team or managerContact details
Building Control Manager - Mark Harvey

Tel: 01707 357246

Email: m.harvey@welhat.gov.uk

General Enquiries & Inspections

Tel: 01707 357391
Email: buildingcontrol@welhat.gov.uk

Out of Hours Notification of Dangerous Structures

Tel: 0800 111 4484

Landscape and Ecology

Team or managerContact details
Landscape and Ecology Manager - Ann MacDonald

Tel: 01707 357233

Email: a.macdonald@welhat.gov.uk


Tel: 01707 357000


Tel: 01707 357329

Email: allotments@welhat.gov.uk

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