Our Local Plan has now been submitted for examination. Hearing sessions can be viewed online here.

Representations on the Green Belt Review Stage 3

The Inspector invited Regulation 19 representors to submit comments on the Green Belt Review Stage 3 and these can be viewed below.

The Green Belt review documents can be viewed in the Examination Documents:-

pdf icon EX88A Note to accompany Green Belt Study [252KB]  Note to accompany Welwyn Hatfield Green Belt Study Stage 3 

pdf icon EX88B Welwyn Hatfield Green Belt Final Report - updated 20180823 [2MB]  Welwyn Hatfield Green Belt Study Stage 3 Main Report

pdf icon EX88C Figures updated 20180523 [143MB]  Welwyn Hatfield Green Belt Study Stage 3 Figures

pdf icon EX88D Appendices updated 20180523 [179MB]  Welwyn Hatfield Green Belt Study Stage 3 Appendices


Representations on the Green Belt Review Stage 3 


Arlington Business Park

pdf icon 897334 Arlington Business Parks (Maddox planning) [79KB]

Aurora Properties 

pdf icon 322550 Aurora Properties (Deloite) [3MB]

Barker (Dixon) Ms.Denise

pdf icon 897392 Ms. Denise Barker (Dixon) [26KB]
544489 / 1046397

Bayard Developments and Wattsdown Developments

pdf icon 544489 Bayard Devs and 1046397 Wattsdown Devs [12MB]

Bedford, Mr. Neil 

pdf icon 1031267 Mr. Neil Bedford [41KB]

Brooker, Mr. Alex

pdf icon 1023809 Mr. Alex Brooker [8MB]
1029634Connor, Mr. Michael Rory

pdf icon 1029634 Mr. Michael Rory Connor [50KB]

898126Court Homes (land now registered with Heathbush Ltd)

pdf icon 898126 Court Homes (land now owned by Heathbush Ltd) [179KB]

pdf icon 898126 Appendix 1 [4MB]


CPRE Hertfordshire

pdf icon 745891 CPRE Hertfordshire [26KB]
1041705 Dandara 

pdf icon 1041705 Dandara [213KB]

pdf icon 1041705 Appendix 1 Define LUC GB Review Note plus Figures [3MB]


Dawson, Mr. Howard

pdf icon 897968 Mr. Howard Dawson [721KB]

Environment Agency 

pdf icon 902192 Environment Agency [389KB]
 Essendon Society

pdf icon Essendon Society [36KB]


Gascoyne Cecil Estates

pdf icon 906116 Gascoyne Cecil Estate (JB Planning) [432KB]

Glendenning, Mr. Derek

pdf icon 893107 Mr. Derek Glendinning [51KB]
891490Hill Residential 

pdf icon 891490 Hill Residential (T O'R) [279KB]

pdf icon 891490 Appendix 1 [369KB]

pdf icon 891490 Appendix 2 [349KB]


Historic England

pdf icon 1048107 Historic England [166KB]

Home Builders Federation 

pdf icon 254964 Home Builders Federation [159KB]

J I Thomas & Son

pdf icon 324274 J I Thomas & Son (Bidwells) [62KB]
897910King & Co

pdf icon 897910 King & Co (ATP) [219KB]

pdf icon 897910 Appendix 1 School Lane Whitehill Green Belt Assessment [3MB]

pdf icon 897910 Appendix 2 Swanley Bar P80 Green Belt Assessment [2MB]

537908Landform Estates 

pdf icon 537908 Landford estates Ltd (Barton Willmore) [49KB]

pdf icon 537908 Appendix 1 SLR Landscape Note [272KB]


Lees, Mr. Nicholaspdf icon 845950 Mr. Nicholas Lees _redacted [84KB]
1022598Little Heath Action Group

pdf icon 1022598 Little Heath Action Group [56KB]

pdf icon 1022598 Appendix 1 Aerial view of sites surrounding Little Heath 2018 [516KB]


Mariposa Ltd and Homes England

pdf icon 1029704 Mariposa Ltd and Homes England [161KB]
745197Mrs. C. Horton Discretionary Trust 

pdf icon 745197 Mrs C Horton 1974 Discretionary Settlement [307KB]

pdf icon 745197 Appendix 1 [946KB]


Mrs. Judith Watson 

pdf icon 291634 Ms. Judith Watson [62KB]

Nicon Developments

pdf icon 941509 Nicon Developments (gf Planning) [80KB]

North Mymms Green Belt Society 

pdf icon 1025107 North Mymms Green Belt Society l [112KB]

North Mymms Parish Council 

pdf icon 548067 North Mymms Parish Council [683KB]

Northaw & Cuffley Parish Council

pdf icon 632756 Northaw Cuffley Parish Council [8MB] 

Parr, Mr. Derek

pdf icon 1032912 Mr. Derek Parr [38KB]
1047643Potterells Farm Partnership

pdf icon 1047643 Potterells (Terence O'Rourke) [269KB]

pdf icon 1047643 Appendix 1 [339KB]

pdf icon 1047643 Appendix 2 [255KB]

891490 / 537908 / 1047643Promoters of Welham Green (Hill Residential, Landform Estates, Potterells Farm Partnership)              

 pdf icon 891490 and 537908 and 1047643 Promoters of Welham Green [267KB]

pdf icon 891490 and 537908 and 1047643 Promoters of Welham Green Appendix 1 parcels LR [352KB]

pdf icon 891490 and 537908 and 1047643 Promoters of Welham Green Appendix 2 _Comparison of stage2 and 3 LR [414KB]

pdf icon 891490 and 537908 and 1047643 Promoters of Welham Green Appendix 3 Harm_rating LR [430KB]

pdf icon 891490 and 537908 and 1047643 Promoters of Welham Green Appendix 4 Reassessment_of_harm LR [429KB]


Quinton,  Ms. Jane

pdf icon 719857 Ms. Jane Quinton [39KB]

Roe, Ms. Cathy

pdf icon 732009 Ms. Cathy Roe [31KB]

Royal Veterinary College 

pdf icon 545663 Royal Veterinary college (Aecom) [179KB]
1029778Save Symondshyde

pdf icon 1029778 Save Symondshyde (Richard Bate) [312KB]

pdf icon 1029778 Appendix 1 Herts Structure Plan Review [7MB]


Sibuns, Mr. Scott

pdf icon 892350 Mr. Scott Siburns Parcel P78 [47KB]

St Albans City & District Council 

pdf icon 1028715 St Albans City & District Council [261KB]

Stewart, Mr. Ian

pdf icon 893870 Mr. Ian Stewart [12KB]

Tabor, Mr. Hamish

pdf icon 1045336 Mr. Hamish Tabor (Turnberrys) [1MB]


pdf icon 1024718 Tarmac (David Lock) [300KB] 
1041736Taylor Wimpy North Thames

pdf icon 1041736 Taylor wimpey North Thames (Magenta Planning) [288KB]

pdf icon 1041736 Appendix 1 Critique of Green Belt Study Stage 3 Final (002) [353KB]


Tubb Wallace, Mr. and Mrs.

pdf icon 894895 Mr. & Mrs Tubb Wallace (Sworders) [524KB]

Water End Residents

pdf icon 892073 Water End Residents [444KB]

Welwyn Parish Council

pdf icon 785150 Welwyn Parish Council [92KB]
723325 / 291594

Woolmer Green Parish Council and Knebworth Parish Council

pdf icon 723325 Woolmer Green PC and 291594 Knebworth PC [109KB]

Zukowskyj Cllr. Paul

pdf icon 373497 Cllr Paul Zukowskyj [63KB]







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