Our Local Plan has now been submitted for examination. Hearing sessions can be viewed online here.

Planning Considerations

Development proposals across the borough might be affected by planning constraints. It is best to check, before submitting a planning application, whether your proposal could be affected.

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The main consideration we have, when looking at a planning application, is the development plan. This includes information on policies such as Green Belt.

We also check if the land could be flooded, if wildlife or a listed building will be affected, or if the site is in a conservation, or chalk mining area. Also, we must ensure that the development proposed is in keeping with the area, that it will be sustainable and how it could affect the neighbours.


Information on whether a site may flood is available from two sources. The Environment Agency website has information on how to design developments to protect from future floods. Contact the Environment Agency on 01707 632489 or email them at thamesne@environment-agency.gov.uk or complete their on-line questionnaire. This can also be used for pre-application enquiries. The council has also produced a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment for land within the borough.


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The presence of protected species is a material consideration in every planning application. The Council has a duty to protect and conserve biodiversity in all its functions. The Hertfordshire Environmental Records Centre holds information on whether protected species such as bats or newts have been recorded in an area. In addition, the Council's Community Map provides information on whether the application is within or close proximity to a Wildlife Site, Special Area of Conservation (SAC) or Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The Community Map is based on information produced by others and could be out of date. Natural England hold the latest information on SAC and SSSIs. Building Futures also provides helpful information and guidance on biodiversity in Hertfordshire.


The Hertfordshire Historic Environment Record holds information on where historic remains have been found.

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