We have been made aware that some business are receiving emails from rating agents offering a free assessment to see if you have been overcharged business rates due to  the 2017 revaluation. Ratepayers do not have to be represented in these discussions regarding their rateable value of their rates bill which can be done directly with the Valuation Office Agency or by contacting the business rates office. 

If you do decide to employ a rates adviser then you should check they have the necessary knowledge and expertise as well as appropriate indemnity insurance.

How is my bill calculated?

Rateable Value

The rateable value of non-domestic property is fixed in most cases by an independent valuation officer of the Valuation Office Agency. All non-domestic property is revalued every five years. From 1 April 2017, the rateable value of a property represents its annual open market rental value as at 1 April 2015.

The values of all properties in respect of which rates are payable are shown in the Local Rating List, which can be viewed  online at the Valuation Office Agency.

If you need to contact the Valuation Office Agency , please go to www.gov.uk/contact-voa or telephone: 03000 501 501.

National non-domestic rating multiplier

We work out your bill by multiplying the rateable value of your property by a figure known as the rate multiplier. There are two multipliers; the standard non-domestic rating multiplier and the small business non-domestic rating multiplier. The former is higher in order to pay for the small business rate relief. The multipliers are set each year by the Government.

The current multiplier will be displayed on the on the front of your Non-Domestic Rate Bill.

The multiplier set by the Government for each financial year since 1 April 2010  is shown in the table below:



Financial YearNational Non Domestic MultiplierSmall Business Rates Scheme Multiplier
2010/2011        0.414          0.407
2011/2012        0.433          0.426
2012/2013        0.458          0.450
2013/2014        0.471          0.462
2014/2015        0.482          0.471
2015/2016        0.493          0.480
2016/2017        0.497          0.484
2017/2018        0.479          0.466



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