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Parking Services is consulting with residents and businesses in various areas of Hatfield.

The council carried out a parking study covering the whole of Hatfield in February 2012. This monitored the number of vehicles parked in each road and the length of time each vehicle was parked. Some of the data from this study was used to consult with businesses and led to various restrictions introduced in the town centre car parks making it easier for people wanting to use the shops.

Due to the size of Hatfield, Cabinet approved to breakdown the town into Wards to make this more manageable for our small Parking team.
At the same time Hatfield Central and East Wards were prioritised first. This was due to Parking Services already completing the Hatfield Town Centre car park project, but the remaining residential roads had yet to be consulted, and a number of historical requests from parts of Hatfield East.

The council sent nearly 6000 questionnaires to residents and businesses in Hatfield Central and East, asking for their views on parking in parts of the town. pdf icon Parking Questionnaire - July 2014 [209KB]

Questions included whether people have any issues with parking outside their homes, what time of day they tend to experience problems, and whether they are ever inconvenienced as a pedestrian or cyclist due to parked vehicles.

Parking Services received over 1,000 completed questionnaires which have now been analysed.
A report was presented to the Cabinet Housing and Planning Panel and subsequently approved by Cabinet in March 2015. The report outlined proposals to split both Wards into five areas. It was also agreed what order, Parking Services will begin further consultation with residents and businesses who will be affected by proposals:

  1. pdf icon The Ryde Area [92KB] 10th October 2016 completed scheme
  2. pdf icon Birchwood Area [109KB] Consultation in progress.
  3. pdf icon French Horn Lane Area [90KB] Initial consultation started February 2018
  4. pdf icon Lemsford Road Area [106KB] Initial consultation started February 2018
  5. pdf icon Aldykes Area [46KB] Initial consultation due to start March 2018 (added to the work programme by Cabinet due to the future re-development work in Hatfield town centre)
  6. pdf icon Old Hatfield & Essendon Area [124KB]

Any proposed schemes will need to go through a full and formal consultation process with affected residents and businesses before any parking changes are introduced.

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