We are currently experiencing some telephone issues, which we are working to resolve. If you need to report an emergency, please call us on 0800 111 4484. For all other issues, please use contact-whc@welhat.gov.uk or try again later.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Leaf clearance

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council will clear leaves from public areas on a rolling programme throughout the autumn/winter. This is for aesthetic reasons and to help care for the grass underneath.

Autumn leaf fall Leaf clearance (sucking leaves)

The weather dictates when the leaf clearance will commence. It is not until a sequence of air frosts occur that the leaves will begin to drop (depending upon the type of tree).

Leaf clearance normally commences during November when most of the leaves have dropped, and we will continue through the borough up until March.

Footpaths or roads that you perceive are dangerous because of wet leaves causing slippery conditions should be reported to Hertfordshire County Council's Highway Department.

Summer leaf fall

In the event of a dry summer which results in leaf fall, the council will not clear the leaves.

Instead these will be collected during routine sweeping or will be cut up when the grass is cut. Leaf clearance (blowing)

Leaf fall on private property

Landowners are responsible for dealing with leaf fall on their private property. Please ensure you dispose of any leaves arising from your property responsibly.

Your options include home composting, collection via the council in a brown bin (subscription costs apply), or taking them to one of Hertfordshire County Council's Household Waste Recycling Centres.

Please note that any leaves discarded on verges or other public areas constitutes fly-tipping.

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