Welwyn Garden City Town Centre

As part of our continual improvement work on parking conditions we will be consulting with residents and businesses about the parking arrangements in Welwyn Garden City town centre.

Herts County Council (HCC) are looking at improving the experience for pedestrians in the town centre, particularly at linking the north and south of the town centre.
Part of their proposals is to restrict vehicles using Stonehills to Taxi 's only and the section between Debenhams and Money Exchange to be for pedestrians only.
Consultation has started with the BID team and the businesses and they have a page on their website where all this information can be found http://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/wgcconsultation

Welwyn Hatfield Council are working together with HCC to amend restrictions, with a view to make it easier for businesses to manage their deliveries.
We are proposing to change some of the on-street parking bays to accommodate loading/unloading only for a couple of hours first thing in the morning.

Two joint consultation events took place in July 2017, this was held on a Saturday morning and Monday evening to enable discussions with different groups of visitors to the town centre on the proposals.
Some concerns were raised about the loss of on-street parking which looked at about 50 spaces with both Council's proposals. In response to this, Welwyn Hatfield decided not to progress the marking out of the parking bays as this would provide 9 additional parking bays which would have been lost from the overall 50.

Both Councils are continuing to consult businesses and residents in the town centre to try and get a better understanding of their requirements.

This web page will be used to keep a record of all consultation documents sent to residents and businesses.  As the work progresses each new consultation document will be added to the table below.  If you cannot find a document please tell us by emailing our Contact Centre.  We will add the document to the table as soon as possible.

Parking Restrictions Consultation

Consultation Document

Welwyn Garden City Town Centre

Letter to residents  and businesses 31st October 2017pdf icon 1st consultation letter 31-10-17 [1MB]
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