New On-line Permit System

Resident Permit Parking Areas operate in residential areas where high volumes of non-resident parking is persistent. This restriction allows residents and their visitors to park with a valid permit/voucher, but still prevents non-residents from parking during the days and times the scheme operates.

The Council have introduced a new on-line permit system, which allows you to manage resident permit and vouchers at your own convenience.

Please read all of the information carefully, including the user guide before registering/applying for permits or visitor vouchers.

The system should be relatively easy to use, however a pdf icon user guide [2MB] has been produced to assist you with all of the procedures, from registering, purchasing permits and activating visitor vouchers as and when needed.

These permits and visitor vouchers will be virtual (paperless), the enforcement officers hand held computers have all the permit details available to them when they patrol. Therefore, it is imperative that all of the details are entered accurately, to prevent a parking ticket been issued.

The new system has a number of benefits to improve on the current system, which include:

  • Managing your permits and visitor vouchers at your own convenience, and visitor vouchers can be set in advance.

  • Temporary/Courtesy cars - Permits purchased through the new system will allow you to change your main vehicle to a temporary vehicle up to two times in each permit year.

  • Clients can now make payments safely through the new system. The current arrangement means you have to wait for the permit team to call in order to make payment.

  • Although all applications/changes will need to be approved by the Permit team, as soon as they are submitted it will be live on the system and on the enforcement officer's hand held computers. Visitor Vouchers will need to be approved before being available for use.

  • The system is mobile friendly, which means you can use your smartphone to use the system.

To register and apply for permits and paperless visitor vouchers, please use the link below:


For those who do not have access to a computer the paper system will continue.


Permit/ Voucher TypePriceConcessions

Resident motorcycle



Resident first vehicle*


*Free to disabled driver with valid Blue Badge

Resident second vehicle



Resident third vehicle



Business vehicle



Hatfield Town Centre Permit (B04 only)


Doctor/Health Visitor

Daily visitor vouchers - Pack of 20*£10*£5 to residents receiving a state pension
Change of address/vehicles details£5 
Replacement for lost/stolen/damaged permit£5 
Admin Fee for refund of Permit£5 

Frequently Asked Questions about the new Online Permit System

Q. How do I renew my paper permit?
A. You are unable to renew your paper permit without registering on the new on-line system. Once you have registered you will be required to re-submit evidence of your address and vehicle details.

Q. How do I use the new online permit system?
A. Further details on how to use the system can be found in the user guide on our website. 

Q. How do I buy my permit?
A. You can now purchase your resident permit through our new online permit system, you will need to register first to start your application. Once you are registered you can use this account to manage your resident permit(s) and visitor vouchers. 

Q. Do I need to display a resident permit?
A. If your permits are processed through the new system, they are virtual, meaning you do not need to display a paper permit in your vehicle. Instead the Enforcement Officers will carry out a check by vehicle registration. 

Q. But what about my current paper resident permit?
A. Please continue to use and display until its expiry date, there is no need to replace it until the permit has expired.

Q. What documents do I need to apply for a resident permit?
A. For a resident parking permit you will still need to supply proof of residence, as well as required proof of the vehicle being associated with the property. Full details are listed during the application process on the online permit system.

Q. How do you upload my proof/evidence onto the new system?
A. You can either scan the documents, or you can photograph each document separately using a smart phone or digital camera and upload these photos.
If you are photographing your documents please ensure that each document is clearly legible.

Q. Do I need to wait for a phone call to process payment?
A. No, not anymore - the new online permit system also includes the payment process, meaning you don't have to wait for us to call you to process payment. You can register a debit/credit card which you would like payments to be taken from.

Q. I do not want to register my card details on the system, can I still use the new online system?
A. You will have the facility to make a one off payment rather than registering your card details, by selecting "Online After Approval. 

Q. Are my details secure?
A. Yes, the system is secure via an encrypted server as shown on the website address bar by a padlock symbol.

Q. I am disabled and a blue badge holder - do I still get a discount on my resident permit?
A. Yes, the disabled badge discount can be applied during the application stage - the first permit will be free of charge for those residents who hold a valid disabled blue badge. Proof of Blue Badge will need to be uploaded onto your account.

Q. What about visitor vouchers?
A. The paperless version is now available to purchase through our online permit system. Once you have provided proof of residence, and purchased vouchers through the system; each time you wish to use one, just login and link it to the visitor's vehicle and day required.

Q. Do I need to display a visitor voucher?
A. If you still have some paper visitor vouchers you can still use these. If you are using the new online visitor vouchers once you have linked it to the visitor's vehicle and day in question, all details will show on the Enforcement Officer's handhelds meaning nothing to place inside the vehicle.

Q. Can I still use my paper visitor vouchers?
A. Yes, they have a long life date and can still be used until the end of the last year on the voucher.

Q. Can I buy paper visitor vouchers through the online system?
A. No, the online system is paperless. Please call 01707 357000 if you have any queries regarding paper parking vouchers.

Q. I am elderly and on a fixed income. Do I still get a reduced rate in buying visitor vouchers?
A. Residents providing accepted proof that they receive a state pension will be charged half price for visitor vouchers and the discount will be applied through the online system.

Q. What about the professional carers who come to attend to me on a regular basis. How will this affect them?
A. Doctors, health visitors and other professional carers may apply for a Health Care permit. This is purchased by the practice or care company, and allows them to park within the resident permit zones whilst they carry out their duties.

Q. How do I cater for trade's persons who come to my house?
A. Residents should use visitor vouchers (either the existing paper vouchers or the new online version) for visiting trade vehicles in a permit zone. 

Q. My car is in for repairs and I have a courtesy/hire vehicle - what do I do?
A. With the new online system you can now temporarily transfer your permit to another vehicle for 2 weeks. Just login to the online permit system select the vehicle and add the temporary vehicle. Once you have finished using the temporary vehicle, login and delete the temporary vehicle.

Q. How do I change my contact details?
A. Once you are registered to the new online permit system it can be done via your account.

Q. What if I am unable to use the online system?
A. Please speak to our contact centre on 01707 357000 who will log a call for someone to contact you 

Q. Are the permit prices changing?
A. No, the new online system does not affect the current permit/voucher or any admin charges.

Q. If residents are processing their own permits and vouchers, why do we have to pay for them?
A. The income generated from the sale of permits and vouchers pay for the processing (i.e. the new system) and contributes towards the cost of the enforcement of the resident parking permit scheme.

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