Tree Warden Scheme

Our branch of the National Tree Wardens Scheme has been running since 2006. We have approximately 60 Wardens who regularly help us monitor trees in their neighbourhood.

What do Tree Wardens do?

Gather information - Tree Wardens are often the first to be aware of local issues with trees and know that they can help by bringing this information to our attention.

Protect trees by being our eyes and ears - Tree Wardens provide a vital service by:

  • telling us about a tree they think might have a disease
  • watching for infringements of Tree Preservation Orders
  • informing us when trees start to show signs of ill health or become dangerous through decay.

Act as a local contact for us - By knowing us and how we work the Tree Warden act as a source of information for their neighbourhood, helping us to improve communications.

Learn more about trees by attending our regular evening talks - The evening talks cover a wide range of tree related topics from folklore to internal decay, from bats to identification. Attending these meetings widens their skills and may produce a new admiration for trees.

Help to plant and maintain the Community Orchards - a programme of creating access to fruit trees on public open space.

How to get involved

Please call 01707 357000 and we will add your contact details to our invitation list. You will then be invited along to our next meeting, where you can meet the Tree Officers and other Tree Wardens in your area. Why not join with a friend and learn together about trees, their beauty and their value?

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