Wheelie bins

Homes receiving the wheelie bin service will have three bins in total. A black wheelie bin for rubbish, a brown bin for composting, and a black wheelie bin with a blue lid for recycling. The recycling bin will contain an inner recycling box which fits inside the top of the bin.

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It is expected that some homes may have concerns about capacity for rubbish containment over a two week cycle. We are confident that the vast majority of homes will have enough space for their waste should they manage it appropriately, recycle all that the service enables and make efforts to minimise their waste.

Larger rubbish bins

Homes will receive a standard 180 litre bin for rubbish. In a very small number of cases, the council may issue a larger rubbish bin to those who genuinely require one. Firstly, you will be expected to give the standard sized bin a try; now you can recycle almost everything, you will be surprised how little you have to put in your rubbish bin. If you genuinely cannot manage, a council officer will visit your home to make an assessment and you will need to demonstrate:

1. That you are making full use of the recycling service offered to homes. A larger rubbish bin will not be issued if the resident chooses not to recycle, resulting in too much rubbish for a single bin over a fortnightly period.

2. One of more of the following:

  • Six or more people living permanently at the same dwelling;
  • Families with two or more children in full time nappies;
  • Homes producing healthcare waste (incontinence wear where there is no risk of infection, so can be disposed of in the household rubbish).

The issue of larger bins will be recorded and the decision will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that the home still meets the requirement to have that bin. If not, the bin will be exchanged for a standard issue bin.


Each home will receive a 240 litre bin for recycling (with internal 40 litre box for paper recycling) which we expect to be sufficient for the vast majority of homes. Homes with small amounts of excess recycling should use the local recycling centres.

Smaller bins

It will not be possible to provide smaller wheelie bins. The bins need to be a standard size to fit our bin lifts on the collection vehicle. Also for the cost of the service to remain reasonable for the community, we need to manage a standard service.

Look after the bins you're given!

Please look after the bins allocated to your property. Please ensure that you mark your bins with your address and make sure you return them to your property as soon as possible after collection.

If you lose your wheelie bin, there will be an initial fee of £13.50 for a standard replacement. Any subsequent losses will be charged at £28.00 in 2017/18. Larger bins will cost £24 if it is your first loss, and £40 for subsequent losses. The inner recycling boxes will be delivered free of charge.

What do I do with my old boxes and bins?

Please find alternative uses for these. Alternatively they can be taken to Hertfordshire's Household Waste Recycling Centres or you can arrange a bulky collection.

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