The council owns a network of CCTV cameras that cover some streets, open spaces, car parks and housing.

As well as looking at the list below, you can also locate Council owned CCTV cameras by searching on the Community map.


Welwyn Garden City Town Centre

Howardsgate LloydsAL8 6BA
Howardsgate CostcuttersAL8 6AA
Parkway FountainAL8 6HG
Stonehills DebenhamsAL8 6NA
Fretherne Road DominosAL8 6NS
Howard Centre - Main EntranceAL8 6HA
Bus StationAL8 6HA
Hyde Way Railway FootbridgeAL7 3UQ
Howard House (9 Cameras)AL8 6PA


Welwyn Garden City - Woodhall

Woodhall Parade and Woodhall LaneAL7 3PP
Woodhall Parade and Ludwick WayAL7 3PP
Woodhall House (9 Cameras)AL7 3PU


Welwyn Garden City - KGV Playing Pitches

Homestead LaneAL7 4BW
Basketball CourtAL7 4BW
Beehive LaneAL7 4BW


Hatfield Town Centre

Wellfield RoadAL10 0BS
Kennelwood HouseAL10 0LG
Market Place - Town InnAL10 0LJ
Market Place - Best OneAL10 0LJ
Dog Kennel LaneAL10 0LU
Dog Kennel LaneAL10 0LU
Lemsford RoadAL10 0FE
Robin Hood LaneAL10 0LP
White Lion SquareAL10 0JL
Link Drive Car ParkAL10 8TP
Queensway House  (9 Cameras)AL10 0LR


Welham Green - Dellsome Lane

Shopping areaAL9 7DU


Welwyn Garden City - Lawrence Hall End

Lawrence Hall EndAL7 4FB


Hatfield - Bishops Rise

Bishops RiseAL10 9HQ
Hazel Grove House (4 Cameras)AL10 9DA


Welwyn Garden City - Moors Walk

Car Park EntranceAL7 2BQ
Car Park (outside Martin's)AL7 2BQ
Shopping Walk WayAL7 2BQ
Park Area/ Sitting AreaAL7 2BQ
Rear Car ParkAL7 2BQ


Welwyn Garden City - Howlands

Howlands House (18 Cameras)AL7 0LR


Council Offices, Campus East

Ceiling Oak Interview RoomAL8 6LY
Reception Area, Public SideAL8 6LY
Ceiling Front Entrance FoyerAL8 6LY
Behind Reception DeskAL8 6LY
Rear of BuildingAL8 6LY
External to rear sliding doorsAL8 6LY
Ceiling Rear Entrance LobbyAL8 6LY
External wall back of buildingAL8 6LY
Rear sliding doors foyerAL8 6LY
Council chamber foyerAL8 6LY
Rear of buildingAL8 6LY
Behind Housing reception deskAL8 6LY


CW Entertainment, Campus West

Theatre wall, externalAL8 6BX
Behind reception deskAL8 6BX
Roller cityAL8 6BX
boot storeAL8 6BX
DJ BoothAL8 6BX
Theatre foyerAL8 6BX
Loading bayAL8 6BX
Front of building above staff entranceAL8 6BX
Outside front doorsAL8 6BX
Rear of theatre, externalAL8 6BX
Main foyerAL8 6BX
Behind reception deskAL8 6BX
Under Terrace Suite balconyAL8 6BX
Front fire exit from soft playAL8 6BX
Rear of theatre auditoriumAL8 6BX
Screen 1 - Projection SystemAL8 6BX
Screen 2 - Projection SystemAL8 6BX
Screen 3 - Projection SystemAL8 6BX
Theatre Stage - monitored in dressing rooms and officeAL8 6BX
Outside cash office - monitored in cash officeAL8 6BX
Outside General Manager's office - Monitored in officeAL8 6BX


Mill Green Museum, Bush Hall Lane

On end of Annexe store buildingAL9 5PA


Welwyn Roman Baths, Welwyn-By-Pass

Main entrance to bath houseAL9 5PD
Pole by separate toilet block - 3 CamerasAL9 5PD


Jim McDonald Centre, High View, Hatfield

Front of Building, externalAL10 8HR
External - Lounge PatioAL10 8HR
External - Rear of buildingAL10 8HR
Sports HallAL10 8HR
Back CorridorAL10 8HR
Side of Sports Hall - ExternalAL10 8HR
Coffee Bar exit - ExternalAL10 8HR
Rear of building - ExternalAL10 8HR
Side of building - ExternalAL10 8HR


Hatfield Housing Office, White Lion House

Above door by reception deskAL10 0JL
On pillar by reception deskAL10 0JL
In interview room 3AL10 0JL
ReceptionAL10 0JL
First floor landingAL10 0JL
First floor landingAL10 0JL
Ground floor lobbyAL10 0JL
Ground floor lobbyAL10 0JL


Vineyard Barn, The Vineyard

Entrance lobbyAL8 7PU
Main hallAL8 7PU
Small hallAL8 7PU


Hazelgrove Community Centre, Welwyn Garden City

Entrance hallAL7 2DZ
Main hallAL7 2DZ


Hunters Bridge Multi-Storey Car Park

Various locations (39 cameras)AL8 6HA


Hatfield Leisure Centre, Travellers Lane

Front Car ParkAL10 8TJ
Side of building (Car access)AL10 8TJ
Side of building (Pedestrian access)AL10 8TJ
All weather games courts (x2)AL10 8TJ
Rear car park onto rear of buildingAL10 8TJ
Fire exit stairs to left of building (looking from road)AL10 8TJ
Front entranceAL10 8TJ
Reception area (x2)AL10 8TJ
Shapemaster suite (x2)AL10 8TJ
Health & Fitness gym (First floor)AL10 8TJ
Health & Fitness Spin studio (First floor)AL10 8TJ


Hatfield Swim Centre, Lemsford Road

Near building access gateAL10 0EB
Training room - balcony (First floor)AL10 0EB
Reception - turnstilesAL10 0EB
Reception - tillsAL10 0EB
Team leader / cash up officeAL10 0EB
Poolside - generalAL10 0EB
Bin store file exitAL10 0EB
Poolside - diving boardsAL10 0EB
Poolside - main poolAL10 0EB
Reception - entranceAL10 0EB
Building entrance  - externalAL10 0EB
Acid house - externalAL10 0EB
Compound - externalAL10 0EB
Balcony - generalAL10 0EB
Members changing room - entranceAL10 0EB
Fire exit - viewing galleryAL10 0EB


Moneyhole Lane Playing Fields, Sylvan Way

Lamp post closest to entranceAL7 2RT
Middle car park lamp post looking west north westAL7 2RT
Middle car park lamp post looking north eastAL7 2RT
Middle car park lamp post looking southAL7 2RT


Panshanger Golf Complex, Moors Walk

Reception area (x2)AL7 2ED
Managers officeAL7 2ED
External buggy compoundAL7 2ED
Car park (x5)AL7 2ED
Team meeting roomAL7 2ED
FoyerAL7 2ED
CorridorAL7 2ED
Green keepers compoundAL7 2ED


Stanborough Park, Stanborough Road

South car park entrance (LHS)AL8 6DF
South car park (midway to LHS next to pay machine)AL8 6DF
South car park (end to LHS before fishing car park)AL8 6DF
South car park (Access route to fishing car park)AL8 6DF
South side (Café car park next to willow tree)AL8 6DF
South side (reception building)AL8 6DF
South side - adult changing area (near access gates)AL8 6DF
Activity centre, pavilion meet and greet areaAL8 6DF
Activity centre, pavilion next to plant roomAL8 6DF
Activity centre, pavilion next to plant roomAL8 6DF
Activity centre, pavilion next to end of board roomAL8 6DF
Activity centre, pavilion next to end of board roomAL8 6DF
Activity centre, hangers to front (RHS)AL8 6DF
Activity centre, hangers to end (RHS)AL8 6DF
Activity centre, hangers to end (RHS)AL8 6DF
Activity centre, hangers to rear (RHS)AL8 6DF
North car park (Centre island near entrance)AL8 6DF
North car park (north end near play park)AL8 6DF
North car park (above southern pay machine)AL8 6DF
North car park (near to height barrier)AL8 6DF
North car park (near to height barrier)AL8 6DF
North side (side access path to plant room next to kiosk)AL8 6DF


For more information about CCTV owned by the council please contact us at .