We will ask for evidence of your income and circumstances when you make a claim. We only accept original documents. Below is a list of information you will need to supply when making an application for benefits.

Proof of Identity - one of the following:

  •  National Insurance Number (NINO)
  •  Passport
  •  Medical card
  •  UK residence permit
  •  EEC identity card.


Proof of capital, savings and investments

  •  Latest bank statements; covering the last two full calendar months
  •  Updated building society or post office books
  •  Certificates for Premium Bonds
  •  National Savings Certificates
  •  ISA's
  •  Stocks
  •  Shares and Unit Trusts.


Proof of benefits, allowances or pensions  

  • Award notices or letters from Department for Works and Pensions or Inland Revenue confirming how much you get
  • Bank statements if they are paid directly into your bank or building society accounts.


Proof of Earned Income

  • Wage slips: if you are paid monthly - the latest two; fortnightly - the latest three, or; weekly - the latest five
  • If you do not receive wage slips ask us for a certificate of earnings for your employer to complete
  • If you are  self employed [705KB] we need you to complete one of our forms or provide your most recent audited accounts
  • Proof of other money paid out
  • A letter from the authority stating how much you should contribute if your child is a student
  • Agreements or receipts from registered  child carers [708KB].


Proof of Unearned Income

  • Maintenance for Children - If your agreement is through the Child Support Agency we need to see the award notification letter. Alternatively you will need to provide a confirmation letter from the person paying the maintenance
  • Charitable or Voluntary Payments - A letter from the organisation making the payments
  • Annuities - A certificate from the Insurance company making the payments.


Proof of Rent

  • Tenancy Agreement
  • A letter from your landlord or Housing Association
  • Proof of payments of rent by you.
  • Note: We do not need proof of rent if you live in a property owned by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council.


Proof of Dependants 

  • Birth certificate
  • Child Benefit award letter.



  • Proof of your Student Grant 
  • Proof of your Student Loan 
  • The full Financial Assessment
  • Details of your course, including term dates and year of study.


Filling in the Application Form

You and your partner will need to sign and date the form when it is finished.

You need to complete all of the sections that apply to you and your partner and other members of your household, otherwise we will have to return the form for completion which will delay your claim.

The quicker you can supply all the documents, the quicker your claim will be paid.