On 21 December 2020 a major planning application was submitted by HG Consulting for the demolition of existing buildings and construction of 289 residential units and community hub, with associated infrastructure.


Update - Secretary of State's Screening Direction

As stated within the applicant's Environment Statement, a Screening Direction was made to the Secretary of State on the 20th November 2020 (see ES Appendix 2.3).

The Secretary of State responded on the 4th February 2021 concluding that in exercise of the powers conferred on him by regulation 7(5) of the 2017 Regulations the Secretary of State hereby directs that the proposed development described in your request and the documents submitted with it, is not 'EIA development' within the meaning of the 2017 Regulations.

As the Secretary of State's letter has been received during the determination of the Biopark planning application it forms part of the assessment. As a result of the direction it is considered that the proposed development is no longer considered to constitute EIA development.

As the Screening Direction concluded that the proposed development is not considered to be EIA development, the planning application will be determined on the basis of non EIA development.

To read more about the Secretary of State's decision please refer to the links below:


View the BioPark planning application

The easiest way for you to view all the plans and supporting documents is via the link below:

View the BioPark planning application

Key Documents to view

Key documents you may wish to review on the application are:

·         Planning Statement

·         Design and Access Statement

·         Heritage, Townscape and Visual Impact (HTVIA)

·         Plans and Elevations

For information regarding the Environmental Statement please see the chapters below:

·         Environmental Statement

·         Appendix 2.1 - EIA Screening Request to WHBC

·         Appendix 2.2 - EIA WHBC Screening Opinion

·         Appendix 2.3 - EIA Screening Direction Request

·         Appendix 2.4 - EIA Scoping Email to WHBC

·         Appendix 4.1 - Drawing Schedule

·         Appendix 4.2 - Landscaping Schedule

·         Appendix 4.3 - Energy Assessment

·         Appendix 4.4 - Sustainability Statement

·         Appendix 6.1 - Glossary

·         Appendix 6.2 - Relevant Policy

·         Appendix 6.3 - Professional Experience

·         Appendix 6.4 - Modelling

·         Appendix 6.5 - Construction Mitigation

·         Appendix 6.6 - Plant Datasheets

·         Appendix 6.7 - WHBC Correspondence

·         Appendix 8.1 - HTVIA 1 of 3

·         Appendix 8.1 - HTVIA 2 of 3

·         Appendix 8.1 - HTVIA 3 of 3

·         Appendix 8.2 - Agreed Correspondence with the Council

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