The current planning policies for Welwyn Hatfield are set out in the statutory development plan which comprises:the saved policies of the Welwyn Hatfield District Plan adopted 2005, the Hertfordshire Waste Local Plan adopted 2012-2014 and the Hertfordshire Minerals Local Plan adopted 2007.

Policy Document


Welwyn Hatfield District PlanThe Welwyn Hatfield District Plan was adopted by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council in April 2005. The majority of the policies were saved in April 2008. The New Local Plan  will replace the District Plan saved polices.
Hertfordshire Waste Local Plan

The Hertfordshire Waste Core Strategy and Development Management Policies Document was adopted on 5 November 2012 and the Waste Site Allocations Document was adopted on 15th July 2014. Together these documents form the Waste Local Plan for Hertfordshire that will be used to make decisions on waste planning applications.

Hertfordshire Minerals Local PlanThe Hertfordshire Minerals Local Plan 2002-2016 was adopted by Hertfordshire County Council on 27 March 2007.
Planning Guidance

Planning Guidance supports and expands on policies within the District Plan. These documents set out the council's position on a range of key topics and are a material consideration when determining planning applications.

Icon for pdf Interim Car Parking and Garage Policy (Aug 14)

Government guidance no longer requires councils to set maximum car parking standards. Evidence indicates that such standards no longer meet current patterns and complexities of modern car ownership. The council has therefore agreed to treat its existing car parking standards, set out in the Icon for pdf Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Guidance, as guidelines rather than maximums.