Help with paying your Council Tax

You can claim Council Tax benefit to help you pay your Council Tax bill. You can only claim a  Council Tax Reduction if you are the person named on the Council Tax bill.

There are two types of Council Tax Reduction:

  • Council Tax  Reduction is the more common type of Council Tax Reduction. How much reduction you can claim will depend on your income and circumstances.
  • Second Adult Rebate You may be able to claim Second Adult Rebate if you have another adult living with you who is not your partner, and you are considered of pensionable age. Second Adult Rebate is worked out based upon the income and circumstances of the other adults living with you.

Both types of council tax reduction cannot be claimed at the same time. When you contact us at we will always work out which reduction type is worth more to you.

Any reduction you are entitled to will be paid directly into your Council Tax account and you will receive a reduced bill. For more information see the Icon for pdf Council Tax Reduction Scheme Regulations.

Discounts and Exemptions

You might be eligible for a discount or exemption from paying Council Tax depending on your circumstances.