The Housing Benefit (Decision and Appeals) Regulations 2001 state that any person affected by a relevant decision can ask the council to revise its decision.

It also states that a person affected can appeal against the council's decision to an independent appeal tribunal.

After you have made your claim for benefit, you will receive a 'decision notice'. If you think a decision we have made about your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction is wrong, you can:

  1. Ask us to explain our decision.
  2. If you think our decision is wrong, you can ask us to look at it again. This is called a 'revision'.
  3. Ask for an independent tribunal to look at our decision.

Time limits

It is important to remember the time limits for asking for revisions and for appealing.

If you decide you want us to explain our decision or look at the decision again, or if you want to appeal against it, you must do so within one month of the date on the decision notice.

Special circumstances such as serious illness may extend the one-month time limit, but you should contact us as soon as possible to explain these circumstances.

Make an appeal

To appeal a decision, please contact our Benefits Team on 01707 357 000 or by email at

Important Notes

The amount of Benefit payable is a matter between the council and the claimant. Only the tenant can ask the council to review the amount of Benefit payable. If the council reduces a tenant's benefit to recover an overpayment in respect of a previous address, the current landlord cannot appeal against the decision to recover that overpayment.