A detailed breakdown of our expenditure.

Services we provide

Gross Expenditure

2020/21 £000

Net Expenditure

2020/21 £000

Refuse, Recycling and Cleansing6,1844,513
Other Environment Services2,9962,414
Leisure and Culture6,3073,766
Planning and Economic Development4,6232,317
Community Services765539
Council Tax Support and Housing Benefit29,522842
Strategic Housing Services1,6351,411
Public Health and Protection Services1,5811,270
Corporate Costs and Central Services6,0233,208
Car Parking and Transport2,160502
Community Safety296296
Commercial Properties2,510(2,186)
Adjustments required by statute or proper practices to ensure no impact on Council Tax(5,026)(5,026)
Capital financing1,4791,479
Grant and business rates income0(4,464)
Parish precept1,7011,701
Net contribution to / (from) balances1,633(1,728)