Advice on how to change your rateable value for your non-domestic property.

The valuation officer of the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), compiles and maintains the rating list for the Welwyn Hatfield area.

The valuation officer may alter the value if they believe that the circumstances of the property have changed. The ratepayer (and certain others who have an interest in the property) may also in certain circumstances propose a change in value.

  • If there has been a material change to your property, for example an extension, please contact us and we will arrange for your premises to be reassessed by the VOA.

If you believe the rateable value of your property to be incorrect, you will need to contact the VOA (Valuation Office Agency). 

Their address is : Non Domestic Rates London 1st Floor Lloyds Chambers 1 Portsoken Street London E1 8BT or visit the VOA website)

Information on Appeals

If you have contacted the VOA but have not been able to agree a change, you can make an appeal , free of charge to the Valuation Tribunal . At the tribunal you do not have to be represented. However, ratepayers who do wish to be represented should appoint a qualified member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors or the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation, who are regulated by rules of professional conduct designed to protect the public from misconduct. Before you employ a rating adviser, you should check that they have the necessary knowledge and expertise, as well as appropriate indemnity insurance. If necessary, do seek further advice before entering into any contract.

The Government has announced there will be limits on the backdating of changes to rating assessments with effect from 1 April 2015.  If the Valuation Office Agency receive your appeal on or after 1 April 2015 then the earliest they can normally backdate any changes is that date. If you successfully challenge the value shown in the list following either a court or tribunal decision or an alteration made by the Valuation Officer, where the decision or the alteration was made in the time leading up to 1 April 2014, it may be possible for subsequent changes to be backdated to a date prior to 1 April 2015.  Full details on your rights of appeal are available from the Valuation Office Agency.

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council can only backdate any business rates rebate to the date from which any change to the list is to have effect. The Valuation Office Agency will continue to fulfil their obligations to alter rating assessments if new information comes to light indicating the valuation is inaccurate. Any alterations they make on or after 1 April 2016 can only be backdated to 1 April 2015.