Information about the fees for cemetery and funeral services.

Cemetery Fee (from 1st April 2019)
Burial FeesResidentsNon Residents
Private Grave: Coffin <=30"wide and/or 78"long£750£2,250
Private Grave: Large Coffin/Casket >30"wide and/or 78"long£1,100£3,300
Public Grave - Burial fee in a grave where the Grant of Exclusive Right has not been purchased£550N/A
Children's Grave - Burial fee for a child under 18 years of age at the time if death£0N/A
Shallow Grave - Additional fee for a grave to be prepared at a depth of 3ft using an ultima liner£1,000£3,000
Mausoleum Chamber - Immurement of coffin into a Mausoleum Chamber£400£1,200
Grant of Exclusive Right Fees  
Lawn Grave : Coffin <=30"wide and/or 78"long - 75 year grant£1,000£3,000
Lawn Grave: Large Coffin/Casket >30"wide and/or 78"long - 75 year grant£1,500£4,500
Premium Graves - chosen by family - additional fee£250£750
Extension of Grant of Exclusive Right - 10 year grant£550£1,650
Mausoleum Crypt - top and bottom vault - Lawn Cemetery£7,000£8,000
Premium Mausoleum Crypt - middle vault - Lawn Cemetery£7,500£8,500
Transfer Ownership of Grant of Exclusive Right£50£150
Official Copy of Grant of Exclusive Right/Search Fee£50£150
Cremated Remains Burial Fees  
Interment of Cremated Remains£250£750
Eco Interment of Cremated Remains£150£450
Strewing of Cremated Remains£150£450
Immurement of cremated remains - above ground vault£100£300
Second Set of Cremated Remains - same time£100£300
Cremated Remains within Coffin£100£300
Cremated Remains Licence Fees  
Cremated Remains Memorial Plot - 75 years - max 4 ashes (includes edging and chippings)£500£1,500
Commemorative Garden Tablet - Lawn Cemetery 75 years - max 2 ashes(inc tablet and initial inscription)£400£1,200
Half Size Lawn Grave - Lawn Cemetery - 75 years - max 4 ashes£500£1,500
Commemorative Rose Bushes - 10 years - max 2 ashes (Inc plaque and initial inscription)£450£1,350
Sanctum 2000 Vault - Hyde Cemetery - 10 years - max 2 ashes (inc tablet and initial inscription)£750£2,250
Sanctum Family Vault - Hyde Cemetery - 10 years - max 4 ashes (inc tablet and initial inscription)£1,600£4,800
Memorial Garden Kerb - Hyde Cemetery - 10 years - max 2 ashes (inc tablet and initial inscription)£300£900
Bespoke artwork or photographs will incur an additional charge  
Additional 10 year Licence Period£200£600
Memorial Permit Fees  
Headstones - includes both new and replacement Memorials£200£600
Engrave an additional inscription£100£300
Kerb Setting (Hatfield Hyde)£250£750
Fine for any contravention to memorial regulation£500£500
Repair or cleaning of a memorial£0£0
Miscellaneous Fees  
Memorial Plaque - Includes plaque with initial inscription£350£350
Bespoke artwork or photographs will incur an additional charge  
Inclusion of small photo/bespoke artwork£90£90
Inclusion of a large photo/bespoke artwork£120£120
New plaque for Memorial Garden Kerb - Hyde only£200£200
New Tablet for Commemorative Garden Plot - Lawn only£350£350
Plaque on Wooden Memorial Bench - 10 yr licence Inc 1 steel plaque with initial inscription & 1 refurbishment£1,000£1,000
Second Plaque on Existing Wooden Bench (10 yrs)£300£300
Plaque on Granite Memorial Bench - 10yr licence Inc single plaque with initial inscription£850£850
Second Plaque on Existing Granite Bench (10 yrs)£300£300
Bespoke artwork or photographs will incur an additional charge  
Permission to vault a grave space£500£1,500
The Lodge Chapel - Exclusive use for maximum 30mins, includes CD and organ£100£300
Hourly rate for exhumations£200£200
Late fee - per half hour£150£150
Turf Grave£60£60
Non Residents Fee - most of the fees are trebled for a person who at the time of death resides outside the borough of Welwyn Hatfield.
Any relevant fees relating to the grave afterwards will also be trebled. The only exceptions to the trebling of fees are as follows -
- If a grave is purchased at the standard rate for the first internment for a resident of the borough, any future fees will remain as standard
- If a resident is required to move out of the area for medical care or to any nursing home within the last 2 years