COVID-19 Parking Services Update

Updated: April 2021


Parking enforcement continues as per the signage and/or lines within each location/road as per the previous lockdown period in November 2020. 

The enforcement of parking restrictions will continue throughout any future lockdown periods and in all COVID-19 tiers.


Vehicles carrying out a drop off/pick up delivery service to residents who may be isolating, would not require a visitor voucher as long as the loading/unloading can be witnessed by our Civil Enforcement Officers during their observation period. Any vehicles parked and left unattended without a permit or voucher may be issued if the loading activity is not witnessed.


The borough is under lockdown restrictions, you must follow the relevant rules. You must not leave, or be outside of your home except where necessary. You cannot meet other people indoors, unless you live with them, or they are part of your support bubble.

Resident permits and yellow lines

Parking enforcement in residential areas, including permit schemes, are in place to ensure residential roads contain only resident permit vehicles so permit holders continue to have the best opportunity to park their vehicle during restriction times. 

Any vehicles not linked to a resident permit would either need to be covered with a visitor voucher OR seek non-restricted parking such in a garage or off road driveways. 

Resident parking permits were extended in 2020 between April and July to take into account a previous one-off suspension of service and all permit holders can see the expiry dates via their NSL Apply permit accounts - all expiry dates on permits are now correct and accounts for the extension. 

Car parking charges

All car parks operate as usual according to the signage in the car park, with relevant charges and restrictions applying.

This includes the business permits and time-limited waiting restrictions that apply in Hatfield* car parks and on-street parking bays in Welwyn Garden City Town Centre.

(*The Common car park in Hatfield is closed. Alternative parking is provided in the new temporary car park Fourways access through Kennelwood Lane car park.)

NHS parking permits

The government has introduced a coronavirus Covid-19 Parking Pass for NHS front line staff, health and social care workers and NHS volunteers. Passes will be made available through your employer. Any headed paper letters are not issued via the UK Government scheme will not be accepted. We accept the passes only when vehicles are parked in off-street car parks managed by the council to enable eligible local workers to park near work. Time limited on street parking bays should be kept clear to enable shoppers and visitors access essential services.

Please note that we do not issue these passes.

Paying for parking

Visitors to our Welwyn Garden City car parks are urged to download the PayByPhone mobile app, which is an easy way to pay for parking without queuing for or touching the pay and display machines. The council will pay the standard 15p that is charged each time someone uses the app to park until further notice.

If you do not have a smart phone, you can call 0800 546 0601 and quote the location code which can be found on the tariff signs in the car park.

We are cleaning machines on a regular basis but cannot clean surfaces each time they are touched. We recommend you practice the same caution as you would elsewhere and either use gloves or your own hand sanitiser.