Dependent on the band you are placed in, we will register your application once we have received the proof of identification and address requested.

If anything is not provided, we will contact you to tell you what we need.

The documents we can accept are:


You will need to provide one form of photographic proof of your identity for you, your partner and any other person over 16 included on your application. This would normally be a passport or a photo driving licence. You will also need to give us at least one other form of identification for every person on the application.

The documents we can accept are listed below:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Medical Card
  • Driving Licence
  • European Union Identity Card
  • Immigration Documentation
  • Proof of Benefit.


We need one proof of current address each for you, your partner and anyone else over 16 included on the application. The documents we can accept are listed below:

  • Rent book/card
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Recent Bank or Credit Card Statement (within last three months)
  • Recent Utility Bill (also within last three months)
  • If you are living with a parent or guardian, a letter from them confirming your residence, plus proof of their address.

Children under 16 included on an application who live with you:

We need a copy of the Birth Certificate for each child and satisfactory proof that the child lives with you. This would normally be proof of Child Benefit and/or a letter from the child's school and any other agencies supporting your family.


If your only connection with this borough is through your place of work, you will need to provide evidence of your employment when you apply. We will also contact your employer for confirmation that you are still employed in the borough before making an offer of accommodation.

Supporting Checks

We carry out checks for rent arrears or other outstanding debts with any council or Registered Providers and can cancel applications or make them non-active as a result of current or former debts.

If you have current or former arrears, or there is a current breach of tenancy which your landlord is taking action against you for, you may not be eligible to join the register until we consider the situation to be resolved. Each case is considered on its individual merits, taking account of specific needs, reasons for the debt, any repayment plans that are in place and whether they are being maintained.

We also check with the Register of Electors, employers, landlords, and conduct home visits. If you are a council tenant, your Neighbourhood Housing Officer will visit after you have applied to inspect your home. They will tell you if you need to do any repairs or decorations before you will be offered a property.

Your application will be made non-active if we need to find out whether you qualify to join or remain on the Housing Needs Register, or where we need to check whether you are eligible for a particular band or property type.


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