If your application is made non-active you will not normally be considered for offers of accommodation but will stay on the Housing Needs Register.

We will usually make an application non-active for a set period of time or until an action has been completed.

We can make applications non-active if you:

  • have not responded to an offer of accommodation, or to a request to contact us about your application. In these circumstances we write to you asking that you contact us within 28 days. If you do not make contact us within that time we will cancel your application
  • have breached your Tenancy Agreement. Examples of breaching your Tenancy Agreement include acting anti-socially, subletting your home and failing to keep the property in good condition.

We will consider the individual circumstances including exceptional circumstances, health issues or support needs of an applicant before making an application non active.

We will also consider the reasons for any debt, the efforts made to repay any debt or arrears and/or a change in a pattern of behaviour.