Help us tackle the housing cheats.

There are various forms of housing fraud which often prevents those who are most in need from being able to secure a home. We treat tenancy fraud very seriously and will thoroughly investigate and take action against anybody who commits this offence.

The various forms of housing fraud are:


  • Unlawful subletting

A person is subletting their home if they let out their council or housing association home without the knowledge or permission of their landlord.

Tenants will often continue to pay rent for the property directly to their landlord whilst charging the person they are subletting to a much higher.


  • Obtaining housing by deception

A person who has provided false / inaccurate information; or who has withheld information when applying for housing.


  • Wrongly claimed succession

There are rules as to who can take over a tenancy when a tenant passes away. If a person makes an attempt to take over a tenancy when they have no right to do so, they would be wrongly claiming succession.


  • Subletting by leaseholders

If you have purchased your home as council leaseholder you may be able to sublet it with our permission. Failing to seek our permission could invalidate some of your rights and you could be risking any insurance claims being rejected.


  • Fraudulent activity by our staff and contractors

Our staff, contractors and anyone working on behalf of the council are expected to act impartially and professionally at all times, in accordance with our Code of Conduct. The council's policies and procedures govern the services that we provide and any member of staff acting outside of these policies and procedures without authorisation to do so may be deemed to be acting fraudulently.  


What to do if you suspect a housing cheat

Tell us immediately using the button at the top of this page. All reports of housing fraud will be treated confidentially.

It is vitally important that local residents help us to tackle the housing cheats. Reporting a potential housing cheat will result in homes going to the residents that need them most.