Help for elderly, disabled and vulnerable tenants.

We recognise that some of our tenants live in a household where there is no-one is capable of decorating due to their age, disability or vulnerability. The scheme assists those tenants who do not have someone to help them or the financial means to pay for the decorative work to be carried out within their home. This service is provided at no cost to the tenant.



There are two groups of tenants who may be eligible for the scheme:


Group 1:

Tenants who have reached the state pension age and do not have anyone to help them, such as another household member, a relative or a friend.


Group 2:

Tenants who are not able to carry out the work themselves because of a disability or vulnerability. We will ask for supporting documentation to support an application.

Tenants will only be eligible to join the scheme when we are satisfied they:

  • are not able to carry out the work themselves
  • do not have anyone to help them
  • cannot afford to pay for the work to be carried out.

Tenants in Group 2 will be included on the scheme at the discretion of our Senior Officer Panel.

As this is a discretionary scheme, there is no right of appeal against a decision made regarding eligibility.


What we can offer

Tenants who can join this scheme will be entitled to one of the following two options:


Option 1:

The tenant can opt to receive a pre-paid card once every two years, that can be used at a national retailer. Details of where the pre-paid card can be used will be provided with the card, which is valid for three months from the date they are issued.

An inspection will be carried out at the property to ensure that the vouchers have been used for decoration. 

Any decorative works that are carried out as part of a repair or improvement will count towards your entitlement to assistance from this scheme.  


Option 2:

A room of the tenants choice can be decorated by us once every three years. Any decorative works that are carried out as part of a repair or improvement will count towards your entitlement to assistance from this scheme.

If work is requested through this scheme, we will visit the property before work starts to discuss the tenants preferences and any special requirements. The interior decorative works we can carry out are:

  • Preparations of surfaces before decorating
  • Moving furniture when a tenant is unable to arrange this themselves
  • Wood work painting
  • Metal work painting
  • Wall painting
  • Wall papering - we will do this when a wall is not in a good enough condition to be painted. 


Exclusion and removal from the scheme

We will remove a tenant from the scheme if we are made aware that the information to join the scheme was incorrect or if a tenants circumstances have change since joining the scheme.


How to apply

Icon for pdf Download and complete an application form.

The application will need to be printed and returned to the council offices

We will send you a letter confirming receipt of your application and you will receive a decision as to whether or not you are entitled to join the scheme within ten working days.