Helping council tenants to maintain their garden if they are unable to do so themselves.

If you are a council tenant and would like to register or find out more about the scheme, please contact your Neighbourhood Officer.


Grass cutting

Once added to the scheme, you will have your grass cut once per month from March to October. When the grass is cut in March, the contractor will deliver a card with planned cutting dates for the rest of the year. 

During grass cutting, the front and back gardens of the property will have the grass cut with a mower, any obstacles will be strimmed around and the footpaths blown clear of any cuttings. Please note the grass cuttings are NOT collected.

If for any reason your grass is not cut on the scheduled dates or access was not available when the contractors called, a card will be left to say that an attempt had been made to cut the grass and that they will return the following Friday. If a card has not been left but you are sure your grass has been missed please contact the Council on 01707 357000 within five working days and this will be rectified.   If the miss is not reported within five working days the grass will be cut on the next scheduled date.


Hedge cutting   

Once registered, the hedges will be cut twice per year in June/July and again in September/October. The hedges in the front and rear gardens will be cut. The cut shall be both sides and top, unless it is a party hedge when just the occupier's side and top shall be cut. If the hedge adjoins a council owned open space, both sides will be cut. Growth will be removed to the point of the previous cut.

The council's housing department offer this support service, in addition to your own maintenance of the hedge. Therefore, should the hedge require additional maintenance in-between cuts, you will be expected to take responsibility for organising this.