Providing housing support to new tenants.

Our trained Tenancy Support Team can offer help on a wide range of issues for up to two years, though in most cases support is provided for a shorter period of time. We help identify and work through problems that have affected people's lives and help people settle into a new tenancy or keep a current tenancy.

We work with people to agree an action plan, setting out what support they need and how it will be provided. Tenants and licensees are involved in reviewing their progress and work with us to agree what happens and when the support service is coming to an end. All clients receive the support on a voluntary basis and are expected to engage in all aspects of the agreed action plan.


What support is available

Examples of the support provided include:

  • setting up your home
  • keep a tenancy or licence if you're at risk of losing it
  • help to manage money and benefit claims
  • advice on jobs and training
  • accessing local community and support organisations to develop a social life
  • advice on debts and payment of utility bills
  • emotional support and advice
  • help to manage personal safety and security, including behaviour management
  • supervision and monitoring of health and well being, including developing domestic skills

The goal of the team is to help our tenants and licensees achieve independence and to prevent homelessness.


What will happen the Tenancy Support Service is contacted


Stage 1An Initial Assessment is carried out in your home or in one of our offices.
Stage 2We will discuss what support you need and what we can do for you.
Stage 3We will produce a support plan which outlines your aims and objectives which need to be achieved throughout the course of your support period.
Stage 4After three months (approximately) we will carry out a review with you to check how you are progressing through your plan. You can also ask for a review at any time.
Stage 5When you and the team are confident that you can manage your tenancy independently, we will remove agree to remove support.



How to access our support services



If you are worried that you will need support to manage your tenancy, please contact your Housing Officer who will be able to make an initial assessment to your needs and, if necessary, make a referral to the Tenancy Support Team.