Helping you move to a home that suits your needs.

Our downsizing support scheme provides additional support to tenants who find themselves living in homes that are too large for their needs. 

Having a property that's too large can be difficult to maintain, especially if the property has a large garden with trees and hedges. Properties that are too large may also cause unnecessary financial difficulties as they have higher rents and running costs. In addition to the higher running costs, you may be subject to the under-occupancy charge (bedroom tax) which mean you would receive a reduction in any housing benefit you're entitled to. 


How we can help

We want to make it as smooth and easy as possible for you to find a smaller home. The help we can provide includes: 


We can meet with you to discuss all of your housing options, including sheltered accommodation and mutual exchanges. We also offer practical with the moving process, including guidance on how to arrange removals, changing your utility suppliers and changing addresses.


The Housing Needs Register (waiting list)

If you are not already registered for a transfer, we can help you apply and show you how to 'bid' for homes which might be of interest.


Additional priority 

Households who are looking to downsize are awarded additional priority in accordance with the Housing Allocations policy.


Financial assistance

You may be able to claim some financial assistance to help towards the cost of downsizing. The amount payable is based on the size and type of property you are moving from and in to. Incentives will be paid following the completion of the move by cheque or BACS payment. Any money owed to the council may be deducted from the amount offered. 



To be eligible for this scheme you must be a council tenant and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Your current home has two or more bedrooms.

  • You are under occupying your home by at least one bedroom.

  • Your current home and garden is maintained in a reasonable condition.


How to apply 

To express interest in using the downsizing support scheme, please contact the Neighbourhood Housing Team who are based at the council offices.