There are rules about ending council tenancies, but also some practical things for you to consider.

You must give us at least 28 days notice that you wish to end your tenancy, or the tenancy of someone who has died or gone into long-term residential care and whose affairs you are dealing with. 

After notifying us of your intention to end the tenancy, you will be sent a tenancy termination form which you must complete and return to us. Please note that we require your notice of intention in writing and that the end of the notice period must be a Monday.


Before you leave

Before the property is left empty, please make sure that:

  • you have told the council tax and Housing Benefit teams (if applicable)
  • you have arranged for any post to be re-directed
  • you have told the gas, electricity and water companies the tenancy is ending and have taken final meter readings.


Returning the keys

To end the tenancy, you must return all of the keys to the property back to us by 12pm the Monday after the tenancy has ended. If the keys are not returned we will continue to charge a daily charge equivalent to the cost of the rent until the keys are returned, or we obtain possession.


Condition of the property

You must let us have access to the property to carry out an inspection before it is left vacant. At the end of your tenancy you must:

  • leave the property in a clean and reasonable condition, clear of all rubbish
  • leave the property empty and remove any personal property, goods, furniture and belongings - this includes items in the loft, garden and outbuildings.


Removing items

If we have to clear any items from the property or garden, or if we have to carry out work to bring the property back to a reasonable and safe standard, we will charge you the cost of the work. This may include removing unsafe garden walls, patios or filling in ponds.

If you leave items behind after the tenancy has ended, we may clear the property and dispose of them. We will do this without giving you any notice and you will be charged the cost.


Fixtures and fittings

All fixtures and fittings, whether they have been installed by the council or by you, become property of the council when the property is vacant and they must remain.


Paying for removals and rechargeable repairs

If you leave your tenancy and rechargeable work is needed to make the property ready for a new tenant, we will add the cost for the work to your final rent account, in a separate account called a sub-account.

If we need to take this course of action, you will be sent an invoice for the cost with a list of the works needed. If you do not pay the invoice we will take legal action against you and refuse to re-house you if you apply for housing in the future.