After being offered a property there are a number a steps that we need to take before you can move in to your new home.

The first step after making a successful bid for a property is the viewing. The Housing Officer for the area will contact you to arrange a viewing.

During your viewing the Housing Officer will answer any questions you may have about the property and the local area. You will also be told about any work that will be carried out to the property whilst it is empty or shortly after you move in.

If you are moving into supported accommodation, the Scheme Manager will also be present and complete a Needs Assessment with you.


Accepting the property

If you choose to accept the property that you have viewed and you are already a tenant, we will inspect your current home to make sure it is in good condition before you move.

We will give you a list of any things you need to do before you move out. We will not allow you to move unless your home is in a good condition. We will discuss with you any outstanding repairs you will have to pay for.

Please note: your Tenancy Agreement explains the condition we expect the property to be left in when you move out.


Signing your Tenancy Agreement

Your Housing Officer will make an appointment with you to sign your new tenancy which usually takes place at your local Housing Office. If there are special circumstances and you are unable to come to the office to sign for the tenancy, an appointment can be made for your Neighbourhood Housing Officer to visit you to sign the tenancy paperwork.

During this meeting, your Housing Officer will explain your rights and responsibilities to us and our responsibilities to you. Rent and other charges that you will have to pay will be explained and you'll be advised on the different ways you can make payments.

If there are any forms that you need to complete such as a direct debit mandate, standing order forms or Housing Benefit claim, your Housing Officer will be able to help you with these during the appointment.

If you are moving into a Supported Housing Scheme we will complete a Welfare Services Customer Details form. This will give your Scheme Manager important information in case of an emergency


Agreeing that you accept the condition of the property

During your tenancy sign-up meeting you will be asked to agree on a list of any necessary works or non-urgent repairs that can be carried out whilst you live in the property. We will give you the contact details to arrange a convenient appointment for the repairs to be carried out.

You will also be given advice on what to do if there is a pre-paid gas/electric meter in the property and provided with copies of the:

  • Gas Safety Certificate
  • Energy Performance Certificate

If the property has solar panels you will be asked to sign a Solar PV Agreement.


The condition of your new home

We have an agreed standard that our empty properties must meet before they are let. This standard ensures that all of the necessary work and checks have been carried out before you move in so that the property is clean, safe and fit to live in.

These are the standards that the property will meet:

  1. all gas installations will be checked and a Landlord's Gas Safety Certificate will be issued
  2. a full asbestos check will be carried out
  3. all electrics will be checked and will be working safely
  4. new locks will be fitted to your front and back doors. We will give you two sets of keys and where there is a secure communal area, two entry fobs
  5. there will be a working heating system
  6. hot water will be provided from either the heating system or an immersion heater
  7. all external doors and windows will be secure, weather-tight and will open and close easily
  8. all plumbing will be watertight
  9. the property and garden will be clear of rubbish
  10. all rooms will have internal doors
  11. all garages and sheds will have secure and working doors.