The Tenants' Panel is an independent, non-political organisation to represent tenants and leaseholders.

Formed in 1994, the Tenants' Panel consists of tenants and leaseholders who come from many different backgrounds.

All council tenants and leaseholders are eligible to join and panel members are elected through a postal ballot of all tenants and leaseholders every two years. Meetings are open to the public to attend as observers without appointment and are held every two months. 

The Panel monitors our performance and discusses housing and other local issues with sub groups such as scrutiny, communications and environmental committees. Tenant and leaseholder representatives act as an important point of contact for other tenants. They help deal with problems and complaints, and raise local concerns.

The aims of the Tenants' Panel are to:

  • build an effective partnership between the council, tenants and leaseholders
  • raise standards and improve services. It monitors the work of the council, and their contractors
  • protect tenants' rights and makes sure that the council informs and consults tenants about changes to housing policy, priorities for improvements, and future plans
  • makes sure that local services meet the needs of all the community
  • ensure that services to not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of age, race, gender, sexuality, disability, religion, or any other aspect of an individual's circumstances.



The Tenants' Panel is split into sub-groups in order concentrate on specific matters that are regularly discussed during full Tenants' Panel meetings. Each sub-group has Terms of Reference, notes and agendas for each meeting. 

The four sub-groups cover: 

Each group reports back to the wider panel on their activities.


Joining the panel

If you are interested in joining the panel and would like to discuss this further, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you. 


Meeting dates

Take a look at our events calendar on the One Welwyn Hatfield website to see when the next Tenants' Panel meeting is being held.  All tenants and leaseholders are welcome to attend Tenants' Panel meetings, however if you are not on the panel you will only be able to observe. 


Council representation

The council welcomes two members of the panel to sit on the following committees: 

  • Cabinet Housing and Planning Panel
  • Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee
  • Social Overview & Scrutiny Committee
  • Resources Overview & Scrutiny Committee

The two Tenants Panel members serve a one year term with one additional member elected as a reserve.