Reviewing access to information, approving web content, the tenants' magazine, leaflets and publications.

The Tenants' Panel Communications sub-group focuses on matters regarding tenant and leaseholder communication which are raised at Tenants Panel meetings. 

The group work closely with the council's communications team and are responsible for promoting the panel in a positive light through various forms of media, such as the Tenants' Panel magazine and on social media. The group are also involved in the consultation process when new housing related policies are being implemented or when existing ones are being reviewed. 



  • Improve and provide communication to council tenants and leaseholders
  • Improve the provision of information
  • Offer help, support and advice to colleagues
  • Promote tenant and leaseholder participation in decision making
  • Ensure the communications sub group is fully informed of changes to council communications including local and national legislation affecting people in Welwyn Hatfield
  • Encourage a good working relationship between tenants, the Tenants Panel, and the council, promoting a joined up approach.



Membership will be open to Tenants' Panel members and by invitation to council tenants and leaseholders. The group also reserves the right to invite and involve organisations from both the voluntary and the public sector that can assist in achieving its overall objectives.

For reasons of practicality, the maximum number of members is 10.



Meetings are held every three months and the Agenda for each meeting is decided at least a week in advance.

The Chair of the meeting, with assistance from the Community Development team, facilitates and prepares information on behalf of the group. This consists of taking notes, booking venues and speakers and undertaking any other duties as deemed necessary for each meeting. A report is written following each meeting which is formally presented at the next Tenants' Panel meeting.