Providing effective co-regulation through tenant scrutiny.

The Tenants' Panel Scrutiny sub-group look at housing services in more depth with the aim of improving service delivery.

Processes and performance data are regularly reviewed so that improvement recommendations can be fed back to the service.



  • Compare and challenge the performance of the Housing Service
  • Work together with other Tenant Panel sub groups, residents and officers to scrutinise and hold the Housing Service to account
  • Trigger and oversee 'in-depth or light touch' scrutiny reviews, based on tenant feedback received from a variety of sources, analysis of various data such as key performance indicators, complaints data and reports from the Housing Service
  • Commission and receive reports from the Housing Service and other council departments as required following relevant data protection procedures and legislation at all times
  • Oversee the implementation of action plans arising from scrutiny reviews and monitor whether positive outcomes are being achieved
  • Report the results of reviews to the Cabinet Housing Panel.



Membership will be open to Tenants' Panel members and by invitation to council tenants and leaseholders. The group also reserves the right to invite and involve organisations from both the voluntary and the public sector that can assist in achieving its overall objectives.

For reasons of practicality, the maximum number of members is 10.



Meetings are held every three months and the Agenda for each meeting is decided at least a week in advance.

The Chair of the meeting, with assistance from the Neighbourhood Housing team, facilitates and prepares information on behalf of the group. This consists of taking notes, booking venues and speakers and undertaking any other duties as deemed necessary for each meeting. A report is written following each meeting which is formally presented at the next Tenants' Panel meeting.