This page contains information on the appeals process.

There are a number of grounds on which you have the right to appeal:

  1. If you believe the Council Tax Banding of your property is incorrect
  2. If you believe you should receive a discount or the level of discount is incorrect
  3. If you believe the property in question should be exempt from Council Tax
  4. You have received a bill, but do not believe you are the person responsible for payment
  5. You believe a penalty has been imposed incorrectly
  6. You disagree with the date shown on a completion notice

You must continue to pay your Council Tax as billed while awaiting the outcome of any appeal.


Council Tax Banding Incorrect

Your appeal needs to be made to the Valuation Office Agency (VOA)

Tel :               03000 501501

Fax:               03000 501323

It is the duty of the listing officer of the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) to compile and then maintain a banding list for the Welwyn Hatfield area. The Council Tax (Alterations of Lists and Appeals) regulations provide the right for you to challenge the band into which the Listing Officer has placed your property. However, there are restrictions upon cases where alterations of valuation bands can be made.

In very limited circumstances you may be in a position to submit a proposal to alter the council tax list. If you do this, and your proposal is rejected, you have the right to appeal to an independent valuation tribunal if you are not satisfied with the outcome.

You will need to make a statement in writing or online via their website to the Listing Officer at the VOA explaining why you feel your property banding is now considered inaccurate, for example, if you believe there has been a material decrease in the value of your property. The definition of material decrease includes any change in the physical state of your dwelling's location.

Please be aware that there are currently companies operating in the area which may contact you regarding a re banding on your property. As stated above it is the duty of the listing officer of the Valuation Office Agency to compile and maintain a banding list for the Welwyn Hatfield area and you can contact them directly, there is no charge for this. You do not need to use an independent company to do this for you.

The Council Tax (Alterations of Lists and Appeals) came into force on 1st April 1993 and there was a period of six months for residents, owner-occupiers and owners to appeal against their bands. After six months there is no further appeal unless there is a change of ownership in the property and the new owner has that right of appeal.

We may contact you if we need further information. We will aim to look into your appeal within 2 months. If after 2 months:

  • We reject your appeal
  • We uphold your appeal but do nothing
  • We have not made a decision

You may appeal in writing to the Valuation Tribunal

The address is:

The Clerk to the Valuation Tribunal
Hepworth House
2 Trafford Court

Phone 01302 342324   Fax 01302 321447  Email


What happens at a Valuation Tribunal?

If the matter is not settled between you and the Council, you will be invited to attend a hearing of the Valuation Tribunal for a decision to be made. The tribunal members are independent of the Council and are advised by a Clerk. The Clerk will advise the Tribunal on matters of law and procedure, but will take no part in the actual decision.

Tribunal proceedings are public hearings and only in exceptional circumstances can members of the public be excluded from observing.

There is lots of information on the Valuation Tribunal on procedure on the Valuation Tribunal Website.