Each year the Mayor will attend numerous engagements. You can invite the Mayor to your event by contacting the Mayor's Secretary.

Attendance at an event will depend on the Mayor's availability, if the Mayor is unable to attend the Deputy Mayor may be asked to attend. All engagements will be checked against the Mayor's personal diary.

The Mayor welcomes invitations to attend events in Welwyn Hatfield, and will attend as many as possible.

Please use the form to request the Mayor's attendance at an event or engagement in good time. Where possible, please phone 01707 357419 to check whether the date is available before submitting the form.  We can note the request in the diary to avoid double booking.

When your request is received in the office we will confirm the Mayor's availability in writing, and if the Mayor is able to attend we will send you an engagement booklet outlining arrangements for the Mayor's attendance.

Please note we will require details of the start and finish time of your event and who will greet the Mayor on arrival.  If you wish the Mayor to make a speech or perform any other tasks whilst present, please give as much detail as possible.  Failure to do so may result in the Mayor being unable to attend.