Our food officers regularly inspect food outlets in Welwyn Hatfield, such as restaurants, takeaways and pubs. This is to check their hygiene standards meet legal requirements.

If you are running a food outlet in Welwyn Hatfield such as a restaurant, takeaway or pub, our food officers will carry out routine inspections to check that your hygiene standards meet legal requirements.

The ratings from these inspections are published on the Food Hygiene Ratings website.

Following a rating, businesses have a right to reply (an opportunity for you to explain things to your customers and outline any actions taken since the inspection).

Request a Revisit

You can request revisit using the link below.

Please note you must be able to provide sufficient information and evidence to show that work has been undertaken to make improvements to overcome the issues raised. The charge for a revisit is £180.

Request a Food Hygiene Rating Revisit *

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You can also appeal your rating, please contact us first to ensure you understand why the rating was given.

Visit the Foods Standards Agency website to request an appeal *

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If you're a food business interested in learning more about the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme please view the Icon for pdf Guide for Caterers.