Excavation and Backfilling of Graves

All graves will be excavated by grounds staff appointed by the council and superfluous soil will be placed at the side of the excavated grave.

Prior to arrival of the funeral cortege, the cemetery staff will ensure that the grave is correctly dug to the depth and size specified by the Icon for pdf Burial Application Form and, if required, the grave is supported by shoring and the grave surrounded by timber. Grass matting will be laid to the grave surround.

Putlogs will be placed over and adjacent to the grave to support the coffin and clean webbing laid out for lowering the coffin; the approach to and the surround of the grave will be left clean and tidy.

All cemetery machinery will be stored in the yard out of sight.

Should a lowering device be requested to be used, then the council must be informed through notification on the Icon for pdf Burial Application Form.

The backfilling of the grave will commence when all mourners have left the site, unless otherwise specified in advance by the person arranging the funeral. The site will be left neat and tidy with the wreaths and flowers carefully placed.

The grave space will sink as compaction occurs, particularly after heavy rainfall. This will be made good by the cemetery staff as soon as ground conditions are suitable.

Seeding of graves will be undertaken within 6 to 12 months of the burial dependent on the condition of the grave/plot.