Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council has approximately 6,000 garages to rent around the borough.

The garages are let on a weekly tenancy and there are two rates of garage rent, dependent on the location of the garage.



The majority of garages are let at the standard rate of £10.36 (plus VAT if applicable) per week. However, a small number of garages, in less popular locations, benefit from a discounted rate of £8.48 (plus VAT if applicable) per week.

Campus East garages are now let at a premium rate of £15.58 (plus £3.12 VAT if applicable) per week.

VAT is charged on all garage letting's, however, in certain circumstances, council tenants and holders of a long lease from Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council may benefit from an exclusion from paying VAT.


Applying to rent a garage

Start an application

Please print, complete and return the application form to us. Once we have received your fully completed garage application form, if there is not a waiting list for the area where you would like a garage, you will receive an acknowledgement to your application within two weeks. Due to high demand for council garage, we anticipate it will take approximately 8 weeks to receive an offer.

This form is also available to print off from this page, from the council offices.

In some areas of the borough garages are in great demand, and there may be a waiting list. Holders of a blue badge will be given priority over applicants. We do however, have many areas where we have garages that do not have a waiting list. Please see our garage locations page.

If you would like any further information, please contact the Garages Team on 01707 357 000.