Grounds Maintenance Overview

Activities undertaken by our Grounds Maintenance Contractor, John O'Conner include:


Sweeping and Litter Collection

Checked daily. Pathways and drives swept as and when necessary throughout the year. 


Snow Clearing and Gritting

During weather likely to require snow or gritting operations, the pathways and roads surrounding the grounds are cleared for access if requested by Cemetery Service Staff.


Grave Maintenance

Hyde Cemetery - Grave spaces will sink as compaction occurs, particularly after heavy rainfall.  This will be made good by cemetery staff as soon as ground conditions are suitable. Grave spaces will be seeded within six to twelve months, where weather allows, following a burial.  This will usually take place between April to May, and September to October each year. During this period, settlement will take place and extra soil will be placed on the grave to keep the ground level. Maintenance of the grave space is the responsibility of the grant holder.  The council will maintain the grass should any memorial be lateral and provide an uninterrupted area for mowing. 


Grass cutting

The entire cemetery is cut 15 times per annum.   This is undertaken every two weeks between the months of March and November.  The edges of the grassed areas are trimmed (edged up) once a year between November and March.

cut 15 times per annum.   This is undertaken every two weeks between the months of March and November.


Rose Beds

All roses are pruned between February and March and November to December each year and manure is applied.  During June and October, all the dead heads and suckers are removed and then sprayed with fungicidal treatment. New roses are planted during October and November each year if required/authorised by the Council.


Shrub bed Areas

All weeds and seedling trees are cleared monthly between the months of March and October.  Pruning takes place between October and March.


Bedding Flowers

Flower beds are planted twice per year in the months of October and May.  All beds will be weeded and hoed once every two weeks.


Hedge Cutting and Maintenance

All hedges will be cut twice a year to reduce the tops and sides.  The first cut will take place between June and July with the second taking place between September and October.  Ornamental hedges are maintained to 3ft to 5ft in height and boundary hedges are maintained to 8ft to 10ft.