This outlines the council's strategic vision for a development site that lies in the heart of Welwyn Garden City town centre which is known as Town Centre North.

The SPD supplements Policy TCR4 of the District Plan  which allocates this site for development and requires detailed guidance on the type of design, layout of development and mix of uses (for example, retail, accommodation) for the site. The Welwyn Garden City Town Centre North Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) provide this guidance and sets out key design and layout constraints as well as other issues relevant to the site.

Following a review of the consultation responses the council has made some amendments to the document.  See the Consultation Statement for the details.

The SPD is accompanied by an Adoption Statement.  As the District Plan policy was not subject to Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), one has been carried out for the SPD.

Please note that the SPD is a planning guide that sets out the council's vision for the town centre north site, and not a planning application or proposal at this stage.

Icon for pdf Welwyn Garden City North Adoption StatementThe Adoption Statement is required under the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012.
Icon for pdf Welwyn Garden City North Consultation Statement 2015The Consultation Statement details the comments made of the draft SPD, the council's response to the comments, and how the comments have been taken into account.
Icon for pdf Welwyn Garden City North SPD Adopted April 2015The adopted Welwyn Garden City Town Centre North SPD
Icon for pdf Addendum to SEA ReportThe Addendum to the Strategic Environmental Assessment prepared for the SPD