How to make an application to buy your home.

If you would like to make an application to buy your home, please use the online application form on the HM Government website using the link above.

Alternatively you can print and complete the Icon for pdf Right to Buy application form and return it to the Income and Home Ownership team.

If you have the right to buy we will carry out a valuation and send you an offer. You will have the option to either accept the offer or appeal the valuation provided. If you accept the offer, legal papers will then be drafted ready for you to complete your purchase. At any stage you can change your mind about buying and formally withdraw your application.


Possible delays

We aim to deal with all applications efficiently within the following timescales, which are laid down by law:

  1. We should send you a decision on whether or not you have a right to buy your home within 4 weeks of receiving your application (or within 8 weeks if we need to obtain information on your previous tenancies from another landlord).
  2. We should send you an offer notice giving the purchase price of your home within 8 weeks of sending you a decision that you have the right to buy your home (or within 12 weeks if you have a flat or maisonette).

If we fail to meet these timescales, or if we send your offer notice and you think we are not processing your application quickly enough, you are entitled to start an official delay notice procedure using forms that you can obtain from us. Under the delay notice procedure, if there were unreasonable delays, upon completion of the purchase you would be entitled to deduct certain rent payments made during the delay from the purchase price.


Delays caused by you

You can withdraw your application to buy at any time up to the completion of the sale, so we cannot require you to actually go ahead and complete the sale. There is a "completion notice" procedure carried out in two stages which allows us to cancel your application if you delay purchasing.


The first notice to complete

This is served when it appears that all relevant matters have been settled between you and us (the council and Housing Trust), but you have not completed the sale. This would give you at least 56 days to either complete the sale or notify us in writing of any outstanding matters. A first completion notice would not be served on you until at least 3 months after we had sent you our offer notice with the purchase price of your home.


The second notice to complete

If you do not comply with our first notice to complete, we may serve on you a second notice to complete giving you at least 56 days to complete the sale. If you do not complete the sale within the time given your right to buy application will be cancelled, but you could then re-apply to buy.