Information we need from your business to help us give you the best pre-application advice.

The more information you give us about what you want to do, the more valuable and precise our advice will be.  A pre-application advice form has been prepared for assistance although requests for this service will be accepted without one.  The following information is required when you ask for advice and cannot accept further plans and documents later:

  • clear address for the site, preferably with the postcode
  • brief description of what you want to do — a 'two storey rear extension'
  • confirmation of the advice level you require
  • plans of what you want to do, drawn to metric scale, preferably no bigger than A3 with a scale bar on each page
  • a fee to cover our costs of providing your advice

To get the best out of the service we suggest you also send us more detailed information where you can, such as

  • scaled plan showing where your proposal would be on the site
  • photographs showing the key features of the site with the directions shown on the plan above.