The Gambling Act 2005 introduces a range of permits for gambling which are granted by licensing authorities.

Permits are required when premises provide a gambling facility but either the stakes and prizes are very low or gambling is not the main function of the premises. The permits regulate gambling and the use of gaming machines in a particular premises.

Holders of alcohol- licensed premises gaming machine permits and club permits are required to comply with codes of practice, drawn up by the Commission, on the location and operation of machines. Information on this code can be found on their website Gambling Commission

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council is responsible for issuing the following permits in their borough.

  • Family entertainment gaming machine permits
  • Club gaming permits and club machine permits
  • Alcohol- licensed premises gaming machine permits
  • Prize gaming permits

Licensing authorities can only grant or reject an application for a permit. No conditions may be attached to a permit.

There is also an automatic entitlement of two gaming machines in alcohol licensed premises and we also receive the notifications required in these cases.

There are several key differences between a Permit and a Gambling Premises Licence

  • Permit applicants/holders are not required to have an Operating Licence issued by the Gambling Commission
  • There are no responsible authorities or interested parties in relation to Permit applications
  • We can only grant or reject Permits, we can not attach conditions.
  • The Gambling Commission has less power and involvement in relation to Permits than they do with a  Gambling Premises Licence
  • With the exception of Permits relating to alcohol licensed premises, Permits are of limited duration.

Fee information for permits: Icon for pdf Gambling act permit fees 

Information on machine categories: Icon for pdf Gaming machine categories

Icon for pdf Club Gaming and Club Machine Permits InformationIcon for pdf New club machine permit
Icon for pdf Family Entertainment Centre Permits InformationIcon for pdf FEC gaming machine permit
Icon for pdf Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permit InformationIcon for pdf Notice of gaming machine permit
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