The council can offer technical advice and ensure that your memorial meets the cemetery regulations, providing a lasting remembrance of a loved one.

There are strict Icon for pdf Rules and Regulations regarding the sizes and location of memorials permitted at the Lawn and Hyde Cemetery.


Memorial Permit

No work on memorials may be carried out the cemeteries unless a Icon for pdf Memorial permit form has been endorsed by the Council.

This work includes any erection, inscription or renovation to any memorial, vase or kerb on any grave.  An application giving full details must be made to the Officer on the appropriate Icon for pdf Memorial permit form and must conform to the Icon for pdf full rules and regulations

The memorial permit must be signed by the registered grave owner/deed owner and accompanied by the correct fee.

No permit will be issued until the full fee has been paid and all details provided are to the council's satisfaction.

Please note that due to data protection, we are not able to provide details of grave or license holders. 

Exemptions to Memorial Permit

A Memorial Permit is not required for the cleaning of existing memorials, temporary items such as a wooden cross or marker, or any memorial which is directly provided by the council.

Memorial Regulations

All memorials must be fitted by a National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) approved Stone Masonry company. 

Memorialisation Options

A lasting dedication to a loved one can provide focus for personal memories to visit and reflect on happy times.  Both The Lawn and Hatfield Hyde cemeteries offer a range of memorials to allow families to remember a loved one. 

Our Icon for pdf Cemetery Brochure provides a detailed overview of all the options which are available.

View burial and memorial fees.