Most homes in the borough will have received a free bin during previous allocations.

If you no longer have one of the original wheelie bins issued to your house, replacements are available, however there is a replacement fee.

The first standard sized replacement bin will be issued at the reduced price of £14.10. Subsequent losses will be charged at £29.10 to include delivery. Larger bins will cost £24.90 for the first replacement, and £41.40 for subsequent losses.

Please take care of your wheelie bins, for example by marking it with your house number and street name. Please also remember to retrieve it as soon as possible after collection. This is important because replacements will need to be purchased. Inner boxes will be issued free of charge.


To request a replacement bin, please contact us on 01707 357 000 or email


Damaged bins

Bins damaged during collection will be repaired or replaced free of charge.


New residents

If you have recently moved house and there are no bins at the property, we can supply them free of charge providing we receive your request within 12 weeks of moving in.


New developments

If you live in a flat, your management company will need to purchase sufficient containers for the development. These containers must meet the council/Serco's specification and these can be purchased from Serco, via our contact centre.


Planning obligations SPD

Developers will need to meet the following costs for the provision of waste containers. For more information, see the planning obligations page.


Applies to...

Waste and recycling bins to be provided...



House or flat (flat

with space/ storage for individual bins)


Household waste bin

Compost bin

Recycling bin

Residential developments of 10

units or more


Flats/dwellings with shared bin

store area

In flatted developments the council require a combination of the following refuse and recycling bins


Either 1100 litre containers or alternatively we also offer 180, 240 or 360 litre bins, depending on the size of the

development, access to recycling facilities and the likely recycling rates, as assessed by the council.


As a standard, two 360 litre bins on a lockable frame are

provided, but again this is dependant on the size of the

development. In some cases however residents could be

provided with 240 litre bins for recycling and composting

depending on the nature of the development.

Developers will be advised of the exact numbers of bins/ bin specification they will need to provide as part of pre-application discussions.

Residential developments of 1

unit or more

£940 for up to and including 5 flats for a standard 1100 litre container and mini-recycling unit

Other options would need to be priced accordingly

Prices valid from 1st April 2018.